Welcome to Okanagan Snow Bikes!

Snow Bikes are the first ever motorcycle to sled conversions. Any motor bike can be outfitted with a kit to turn it into a powerful snow machine with riding characteristics far superior over conventional sleds. The “Mountain Horse” conversion kits are manufactured by Timbersled Products Inc. in Idaho, U.S.A. and they are now available in the Okanagan Valley, in Vernon BC through  our partnership business Innerspace Watersports who sells top notch sledding helmets, goggles, clothes and avalanche safety equipment.

In Timbersled’s own words: “A bike and a sled can go similar places in the mountains but the bike can take a completely different route. Simply put, a snow bike can go places a sled cannot. A sled can go straight up a hill better than a snow bike because of the horsepower they have, but then they have to come straight back down due to their lack of maneuverability. Sleds are much heavier and have a planted ski stance making them hard to side hill and perform off camber turns, requiring a lot of strength and experience to do this. Snow bikes are about 200 pounds lighter than a sled. When riding a snow bike you balance it upright the same as you would on any bike, but when you stop, it sticks in the snow and holds itself up without having to put your foot down…”